Photos from the sixties

bil paul’s photographs of the 1960s — an exuberant era

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The 527th Personnel Suck Company

View bil paul’s free-floating, 15-minute, 16mm sound film following a company of Army clerks as they ship to Qui Nhon, Viet Nam in 1966 and settle in to support the war effort. It was paul’s student project while working on a filmmaking degree at San Francisco State University. Here is the YouTube version.

A side note is that when paul returned to the U.S., all his original, unedited movie film was stolen from a car and was missing for months. Thanks to the San Francisco Police Department, the film was recovered and returned.

Note: In the rock-band world, the Tubes pioneered dramatizing lyrics and music with wild and crazy on-stage performances. They didn’t take themselves too seriously early on, and their increasingly choreographed performances satirized everything from glam rock to “White Punks on Dope” to Third-World revolutionaries. Usually there were some raunchy leather scenes with nearly nude women and lead singer Fee Waybill. The Tubes had some top hits and still perform with several new band members.